Amazing Unknown Features on Google that you don’t know-10 hidden Features of Google

Hello all, this article gives you info about the amazing unknown features on google. Google provide so many features like google maps, google drive etc. Many of us know these features because we use them frequently. But, Some amazing unknown features on google are mentioned below.

Know Top 10 Amazing Unknown Features on Google:

  1. Track My Flight:

Amazing unknown features on google-track my flight

Many of us visit the official airlines website to know about the flight timings. But, now, you don’t need to go to the website of airlines. Just enter the airline and the flight number into google search bar. You will get immediate results about the arrival and departure timings of the desired flight. Therefore, with these amazing unknown features on google, you can keep up to date with any flight.

  1. Google Earth- You can fly now on google:

Amazing Unknown Feature on google -Google earth

Go to google and visit google-earth. There, you can choose the aircraft by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+A” short cut. Press “Command+option+A”, if you are the user of Mac. Then, choose your aircraft and fly. You can also fly on F16 fighter aircraft. The controls to fly on aircraft are given below.

To enter the flight simulator,

** Click on Tools>>Enter flight simulator or the short cut key I mentioned above.

Then, choose the plane you would like to fly. You can see the description of the planes there. If you are beginner, it is better to choose SR22 because, it is a slower plane and perfect for beginners.

** Now, choose the position where you would like to start.

** If you have joystick device on your pc/laptop that you would like to use, you need to check whether it is enabled or not.

**If you don’t have joystick support and want to change the settings, just exit the plane and press “Ctrl+Alt+A”. If you are Mac user, just click “Command+Option+A”.

** To exit from the flight, click “Escape”.

Go to google-Earth and enjoy this amazing unknown feature.

  1. Search Faces :

Amazing unknown features on Google -faces only

Everyone use google images for searching images they want. When you search for any images, sometimes you may get some unwanted results. It makes you feel irritate if you don’t get the results you want. Ok, how many of you know that there are amazing unknown features on google that include solution to this problem. In google images, go to search tools and click on “Type” and there select “Face”. It removes some unwanted results on google images.

** If you are searching for animated images only, just select “animated” from search tools.

  1. Access Blocked sites using google as proxy:

Amazing unknown features on Google as proxy

At some schools and colleges, the management may block some websites from visiting. If you want to visit those sites, go to Google search and type “” in search box and avoid from blocking. This is also one of the amazing unknown features on Google.

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  1. Track your packages:

Everyone usually log in to USPS, UPS or FedEx websites to track their packages. Now, you don’t need to do that. Simply, enter any package tracking number into Google search box and find where the package is. Now, when ever you want to track your packages, just utilize this amazing unknown features on Google.

  1. Gmail Address Reformation with Dots:

Now, you can reformat your Gmail address with dots. You simply add dot anywhere in your Gmail address. Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters. When you send a message to ““, It will be automatically sent to “”

  1. Beatbox with Google Translate:

Amazing unknown features on Google -google translate beat box

Have you ever heard Beatbox with Google translate? Ok, just go to Google translate and type some random strings of letters. Then, hit on listen icon and Beatbox prompt whatever you type. You can try it yourself by clicking on below link.

Google Beat Box

  1. Search like Elmer Fudd:

You know, Google allows you to search in any language that you want. Even in Elder Fudd. Just go to preferences in Google and click on language then choose the language. There you can find Elmer Fudd and Pig Latin also. Try it and have fun.

  1. Browse classic books on google:

If you want to go through the pages of any classic books, go to Google Book search. There, see whether you can enjoy a book before you buy or borrow it. You can even find latest magazines.

  1. Play Games on Youtube:

Millions of people visit Youtube to watch videos. Do you know? You can play games on Youtube. When you click on video you want to watch, type 1980 that brings up a missile game. You have to protect your video from attacks. If your video is buffering, Playing defensive game is the perfect way to kill time. I hope you really like this amazing unknown features on Google.

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