Best Websites to Download EBooks Free – Top 5 Websites for EBooks

Hello guys, do you read books? If you do, don’t stop it. If you don’t read books, start reading books now onwards. Cause, someone said, “Books are best friends to human-beings”. You even get more knowledge from books and some kind of speaking abilities. Thinking abilities will increase and what not, there are many more advantages of books.

In the past, people used to go to libraries to read books. Because, library was the primary source in those days. However, in this internet era, EBooks are the main source for readers. But, readers often confuse to find what are the Best websites to download EBooks Free. They search through internet but may not get quite relevant sites. Don’t worry, here, I mentioned top 5 Best websites to download EBooks Free. Let us see what they are.

Five Best websites to download EBooks Free ly:


SCRIBD is one of the Best websites to download EBooks Free. You will almost get every book here. SCRIBD has more than 70 million active readers monthly. You will find more than 1,00,000 books from 1000+ sellers. You can see the preview of every book before you start reading. You know, premium books are also available at SCRIBD. You just need to pay $9. But, it worth every single penny. You can even download SCRIBD application on your iOS, Android phones and utilize services of SCRIBD.

Download SCRIBD app for Android phone

SCRIBD app for iOS users

2. Free-EBooks

Free – EBook is also one among the Best websites to download EBooks Free. This is an online source to read your favorite books and new books. You can also upload your EBooks and discover yourself among one of the best authors. You will find categories in Free-EBooks website. Select the category and it makes you easy to find the book you want. Go to Free – EBooks and download all your favorite books now.

3. Free Book Spot:

FreeBookSpot is a spot to download free EBooks. There are more than 90 categories and 5000+ books to download. Go to the category and select the book you want to download free.

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4. Book Yards:

In Book Yards you will get more than 20k books to download freely. You will find books, education material and content. This is absolutely free to those who have an internet connection. Just visit book yards and sort your results by selecting the authors and categories. Book Yards can be considered as one of the Best websites to download EBooks Free.

5. Many Books:

Many Books is also a source to download books online. There are more than 20k books on Many Books. These are all available free. You can search any book you want and download free.

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