Bindle Messenger Without All The Noise & Best App for Personal Group Chat

Hey, are you searching for the “best personal group chat messenger” unlike other normal messengers? & irritated using rest of the messengers? I know the answer is Yes. Yes, but why? the reasons may vary with person to person. Even though there are many apps now a days, but there is no app that is made for personal group chat. Here comes the new app called Bindle that is specially designed for personal group chat & lets you feel comfortable using it. This new app is now taking down the new social media and olden chat rooms. The innovative and best advanced feature of Bindle app is hash tagging for the conversation relevance.
Bindle group chat

Generally group chats are a bit confusing if the members of the group send messages repeatedly, and that leads to the irrelevant conversations. but this bindle app does not let you feel un comfortable with the irrelevant group chat.Hash tag gives you more conversational clarity and feel more comfortable to chat with your group members, for example #Movie lets you read movie relevant messages and respond. This is where the notifications plays important role.

Features of Bindle Group Chat Messenger:

When people send messages repeatedly on Bindle , and the messages reaches everyone in that group without notifications. if someone point out your message and mentions you @yourname, you will get notification on your home screen. and thereby you can directly go drive to your conversation. This feature is the best & role playing for this Bindle group chat messenger.

Bindle personal chat

What more is needed?, bindle lets you whisper too and send messages to a specified person in the group without letting visible to remaining members of the group, but that is visible to the sender and recipient. However bindle is making room to chat with your friends using the elementary messaging skills that are previously acquired. And People can browse and send gif images to the group, stickers & emojis too.

The users does not need to signup with the mobile number but rather they can join with the unique username, and this app is available for both iOS and android (Cross platform).

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**You can find Bindle messenger app through AppStore or Google Play **

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