How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline (Without Internet)

Watch YouTube Videos Offline now; Watch YouTube Videos Offline Now Main title At an event  “Android One”, last year GOOGLE has announced the idea of watching YouTube videos offline would come true. So, now on, we can watch YouTube videos Offline.Very good news came for us, that GOOGLE has announced the offline video watching feature for YouTube,and That Feature is only available in India, Indonesia and Philippines.These people watch videos much greater than any other, coming to the stats of India, only Indians watch 5 billion videos per month. [Read more…]

Wifi Speed Increment – 7 Easy Ways to Increase Wifi Speed.

Now days, internet usage is increasing rapidly. Yeah, who don’t want internet when one knows the uses of internet. You may have a wireless connection or wired connection at your home. You pay money for every month. That’s ok till now. Now the problem is, if the speed of internet is slow. A slow wireless connection makes you frustrated. Because, you are paying money, there is nothing wrong in feeling frustrated. Right? Have you ever tried to know the reason behind decreasing the speed of your wireless connection? Ok. Many factors affect the speed of wi-fi connection. Here, I give you tutorial on “How to increase Wifi speed”. I tell you 7 important tricks that help you to increase Wifi speed.Increase wifi speed you are using

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Change FaceBook Theme – Know How to Change FaceBook Theme/Colour/Appearance

Hello readers,

I think you don’t need any descripton about facebook. Facebook is the trending social networking site on internet. It connects the people across the world. In facebook there are so many features. You can chat, share pictures and make video calling to your friends. You can follow the celebrities and the brands and know about them. May be it is popular but it has a defect, the theme. Many don’t know how to change facebook theme.

Some users may not like this or feel bore and more over users are not allowed to change the theme. So whatever users have to continue with the blue theme only. [Read more…]