Texting Games To Play Fun with Your Loved Ones – Best WhatsApp Group Games

WhatsApp Group Games : Hi guys, welcome to my latest post on texting games to play with your boy/girl friend. And which is very popular now a days. WhatsApp does not require any introduction i think. You all may know about WhatsApp and it’s amazing features. We can chat endlessly with our friends and family if we have their number with us. It’s all about your interest how much you use whatsapp to text, send photos and videos. WhatsApp has some great qualities like multi-group chat, instant video messaging and much more. [Read more…]

How to Make FaceBook Profile Picture Private (Unclickable)

Many of us are having facebook accounts and every of them wants to connect with their friends. FaceBook is the leading social networking website that makes you connect with your friends, buddies, family members. If someone wants to describe about facebook, there are lot many things to explain like status updates, sharing the memories, pics and videos and one more important thing is promoting the business and their blogs. To do all those things, we need to have created the facebook account first. Let it the case you have created your facebook account. [Read more…]

Remove Search History on Facebook from Activity Log – Easy Steps

Hey all how are you? Here, I come up with a useful article on How to Remove search history on Facebook from Activity Log. This is a simple and easy task. Billions are using Facebook all over the world. There we can follow our interests like celebrities, products etc. When you want to follow a celebrity or a product, you usually go to search bar and there you search what you want. don’t you? But, how many of you know that facebook records the search history. [Read more…]