Download WeChat for PC Laptop Windows 8/8.1/7 – Install WeChat on PC

Wechat is one of the best messaging app in recent times. This is a powerful mobile communicating tool. I think everyone knows it. The main features of this app are Video chat, Group chat, Voice call, Video call. Stickers feature is also available including some advanced stickers. This app is available on all mobile phone platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry Windows and symbian. However, wechat is not available on laptop/pc software. Then the question rises is How to Wechat for PC|Windows wechat for pc windows 8

Though Wechat for pc is not released officially, You can install wechat on PC/laptop with third party software. Here I guide you how to download Wechat for PC windows 8/8.1/7. Before that, Know something about Wechat.

Wechat project began in October 2010. Mahuateng first named this “Weixin”. It renamed in April 2012 with the name “Wechat”. Firstly, India, Taiwan, United states and china expressed fear in privacy policy. But, Supporters of the app argued strongly that “Wechat is safe to use”. Ok, then we start our tutorial on how to download Wechat for PC windows 8/8.1/7. Just go through the simple steps i explain below.

Steps to Download WeChat for PC/Windows 8 & Installation:

Well, First thing you need to do is “Downloading an android app player”. Here we recommend Bluestacks android app player. As I have seen, this is the best android app player. We use bluestacks to install and run android apps in our laptop/PC. So, this helps you to download Wechat for PC windows 8 or windows 8,1, windows 7. This is an online installer. That means, you need to have a proper internet connection. Therefore, check your internet connection before you starts downloading bluestacks. Here is the download link of Bluestacks. It is a free app.

Download Now

Go to the above url and start downloading. This is a 12 mb file. Make sure that your internet speed is minimum 256 kbps to make it quick. It may take a few minutes. Meanwhile, read this article. These might be helpful.

—>Download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1 Without Bluestacks

—>How to synchronize android phone with your Laptop/PC

Ok, I hope you have downloaded the file successfully. Now what you need to do is, Go to the downloaded file containing folder and double click on the file (Bluestacks) just like you install other windows softwares. When you started installing, a window will be shown with “Downloading game data” message. It takes 10-15 minutes to get installed. It takes less than 10min if you have a speed internet connection.

NOTE: In some laptops/Pc, you may get an error message like “Graphic card 2500 error”.

The main reason for this is you system must have 1 Gb RAM. 2 Gb Ram or higher is recommended.

Fix graphic card error problem—> Click here

After completion of downloading game data successfully, Initialization of bluestacks starts. After initializing, you will see the starting window of bluestacks. Now you are ready to download wechat to laptop windows 8, windows8.1 PC or windows 7.

Download Wechat for PC windows 8 /8.1/7 in Bluestacks:

** When you launch bluestacks software, you will see a search option in the top left under recently played category. Click on that search icon. An image is attached below to better understand.

download Wechat for PC step 1

** Now, you will see a window just like in below picture. There in the search box, search Wechat. You will get some results. Click on the first result and don’t go for others.

download wechat for pc windows 8 +step+2
Search for wechat

** When you click on the result, you may get an error with “no market found” message. When you get this situation, don’t worry, just click on search wechat on play option. When you click on that, your download starts automatically.

** You can load the Wechat file here and install it in your laptop directly.

Link to download wechat file—-> Click Here

** When you click on above link, you will navigate to the download location. There it asks you to enter the details of your google account. That is your email address and password. Enter them correctly and your download will get started.

** After downloading this apk file, just double click on it and you will see the wechat app is installed in your bluestacks software.

** When you see it installed, you will get it in bluestacks. That’s it. You are successfully downloaded and installed Wechat app.

download wechat for pc windows 8 +step+3
app is installed see @recently played

How to use Wechat on Laptop/PC:

Before that know some interesting facts about Wechat.

  1. In june 2014, Wechat closed 20 million accounts because they offered Prostitution. According to the supporting team, Wechat has 100 million active users. You can find nearby friends using this app

** After you successfully installed, click on wechat application to launch it.

** Now, sign up on wechat if you are a new user. If you already have an account just go with log in option.

download wechat for pc windows 8 +step+4
sign up and log in options

** For sign up, It asks you to enter the mobile number and password.

** ** Select your country before you enter your mobile number and password.

** Give a proper mobile number because wechat supporters sent a verification code to your mobile number. It takes a minute to send you verification code.

download wechat for pc windows 8 +step+5
@ registration step

** Enter the verification code correctly in the next step and click on “Next”.

download wechat for pc windows 8 +step+6
enter verification code

** If you didn’t get verification code, Don’t worry, There is an option “No verification code received”. Then you will get some more option like login with facebook or email etc.

download wechat for pc windows 8 +step+7
more verification options

** If you have followed the steps mentioned above properly, Now you are ready to use the services of wechat in your laptop/PC.

Add your friends and have fun. Enjoy the new features on Wechat.

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