Download WhatsApp Pocket for Mac, Windows PC – BackUp Your WhatsApp Messages

Hey there, Download whatsapp pocket for mac. i know you are using whatsapp to chat with your friends right?. Answer for that question is “Yes” probably. Yes, because not only you and there are multiples of million users for whatsapp. Believe me, the installtions count is increasing day by day in app store and google play.In this article i am going to introduce whatsapp pocket for pc, mac and windows. Do you want to know what is this?. Ok then, read this article.After reading this article, i am sure that you will be able to backup your whatsapp messages, photos, videos and many more.

There are many reasons that we loose our important whatsapp messages, photos and videos. Whatever the reason may be, once you lost them. Consider a case of missing important text messages in whatsapp. For example, you need to change your mobile device, and upgrade to a new model.

Then, you don’t have any other choice to store your whatspp messages and all other data. If your mobile device is android phone. You need not to worry because your phone saves all the text messages in .txt file and that will be saved in the file manager of your android mobile phone. This article is exclusively for iPhone users.

iPhone does not saves your text messages in any other separate file like in android mobile phone except in whatsapp application chat history.

Download WhatsApp Pocket for Mac, Windows PC to BackUp Your WhatsApp Messages Quickly :

Follow the guidelines and know how to download whataspp pocket for mac and windows pc. You do not need any android emulators or mac emulators to launch and use the app whatsapp pocket . All you need to do is, just go through the links that i have given below and download them very normally. So download whatsapp pocket for mac and windows pc here.

Download WhatsApp Pocket for Mac

Download WhatsApp Pocket for Windows PC

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Know More About WhatsApp Pocket & How it Works on Your Mac PC :

Whatsapp pocket is exclusively designed for iPhone users as i said in the early discussions. You can use this app in both mac pc and windows laptop. To use whatsapp pocket in windows pc, you need to have installed iTunes software to connect your iPhone. WhatsApp pocket works very fine in both of the operating systems. Trust me, it works like a charm.

Major features of whatsapp pocket are:

Saves all your data like text messages, photos and videos from your iPhone to mac or windows pc. You can search for a particular message through the option internal search in its interface.

Install WhatsApp Pocket on Mac & Windows 7,8,8.1 PC – 32, 64 Bit :

Here comes the installation process of whatsapp pocket. Don’t worry. It’s Just a simple process. All you need to do is, just follow my words.

Hope you have downloaded the file successfully.

  • Locate the downloaded whatsapp pocket file in your system and install it by double clicking on it.
  • Keep clicking next and next. You need not to do much for installation of whatsapp pocket. Refer below image.

download whatsapp pocket  for mac and windows pc 64 bit

  • Open whatsapp in your mobile phone and connect it to the laptop or pc in which whatsapp pocket has been installed successfully.
  • And click on “Extract from iOS Device”.
  • Now, all the messages from your iOS device will be transferred to your laptop or pc simply, Refer below image.

download whatsapp pocket for mac and windows pc 64 bit


  • You can save all your text messages and data to your pc. Refer below image.

download whatsapp pocket for mac and windows pc 64 and 32 bitI hope you have successfully installed the whatsapp pocket on you mac and windows pc. Thank you so much for reading this article. share it on social media. like us on facebook. Hope you like the article Download WhatsApp Pocket for Mac & Windows PC

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