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Welcome to the wonderful topic, which is transferring high sized files from device to device. For example, if you want to watch hd videos in your mobile you have to copy them from the system or you need to download them from the internet or you need to share them from any other device.

In order to download the hd videos from the internet, your mobile needs to have internet balance. Having internet balance is not enough to download them.You need to have good download speed. Because, if the download speed is not good, your downloads will be cancelled automatically.

Coming to the next way of transferring files, which is sharing from the another device using bluetooth or whatsapp. Whatsapp allows up to 25 mb only. Transferring through bluetooth takes much time. So, those are not the right methods to transfer files from device to device if you are going to transfer high sized files.

So, What to do? I have a wonderful solution for that. All you need to do is, Just follow my instructions. I will guide you to transfer high sized files from device to device without any interruptions and with high-speed.

Have you ever heard about Zapya file sharing app? You might have heard about it. Some people might not heard about it. Ok, no problem. I will let you know everything regarding the amazing file sharing app that is zapya.

zapya for pc laptop computer windows 7

Zapya is the fastest file sharing app for android operating system. It works very great in android mobile phones. Android users can use it to transfer files from and to. But, what about remaining people?. Actually the zapya developers are planning to launch this app for windows phone and IOS too. We are not sure if that happens or not.

So, you can use this app in your laptop and pc or desktop. I will tell you how to do so. Have you ever imagined Zapya for pc, laptop, windows 7 ?. Keeping aside all the imaginations and coming to the point, you can install zapya for pc and use it as in android mobile phones.

How to Install Zapya for PC, Laptop, Windows 7 /8/8.1 – Know How it Works on PC:

Here comes the great tip, that is how to use zapya on pc, laptop windows platform?. Let’s read the solution for this question. Do you think we can use android apps in pc?. Yes, is the answer for that question. We can use all android apps in our pc, laptop. Like wise we can use zapya for pc, laptop too. I will guide how it happens. By using some android emulator softwares, we can use all kinds of android apps in our pc or laptop. Well known android emulators are bluestacks , youwave and andy. Among them, Bluestacks is the best app because it works better in all kinds of computers and laptops. Before installing zapya in your laptop. You need to install Bluestacks offline installer for your windows pc. Do not worry, i have written an article for that. Just read the below article. You will be able to install bluestacks without any help from others.

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After Successful installation of bluestacks android emulator, You need to follow some steps to install zapya on laptop.

Follow the Step Wise Procedure to Install Zapya on PC:

Step 1: Launch bluestacks app player from the shortcut on desktop. And Locate search bar on the top left corner of bluestacks app player.

zapya for pc laptop computer windows 7,8,8.1


Step 2: Type Zapya in that search bar and wait for the results, meanwhile don’t hit enter button. You will get results under the search bar. You will get zapya like in below image if you have apk file in bluestacks database folder. Then, you can directly install that app by double clicking on it.

zapya for pc laptop windows 7,8,8.1


Step 3: If you found no results, then click on “search play for zapya” and y0u will be redirected to google play. Install the zapya app from google play as it provides the direct installation from bluestacks main window itself.

zapya for pc laptop windows 7 install on laptop


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Step 4: After installation of zapya for pc, laptop, on windows 7 computer. Launch it from the shortcut available on bluestacks main window. Refer below image for clarification.

zapya for pc laptop windows 7 file sharing app for computerFinally, i hope you have successfully installed the zapya on your laptop, pc, or computer on windows platform.

enjoy transferring high sized files from device to device within no time. If you face any difficulty while installing the zapya on windows, Comment box is available below this post. Thank You for reading this article.

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