Emu4iOS for iOS 10.2/10.1.1/10.0.3/2/1, iOS 9.3.5/9.3.4/9.3.3 Without Jailbreak

Emu4iOS for iOS 9/9.2 is a great web app which fetches all the main emulators together. It will allow you get many emulators like GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS and SNES4iOS on iPad or iPhone without jailbreak. You do not need to go and search every emulator for your iPhone and iPad. Emu4iOS allow you to access all those major emulators for your iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking.

It’s official that you cannot install Emu4iOS on iOS 9, iOS 9.2 updates. Apple patched various tricks that people were using in older versions after iOS 9/9.2 update. They are now useless, and it’s completely impossible to play that kind of tricks on your iPhone and iPad.

emu4ios for ios 9 download

No worries! We have an untapped trick to Install Emu4iOS in iOS 9 Without Jailbreak. You can apply this method to install the emulator on iOS 10 with no jailbreak.

We need to accept few challenges by this trick. We can install any emulator on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak using Emu4iOS. But we cannot install all of them at once. One by one is also not permitted.

To be clear,

We can install GBA4iOS on iPhone/iPad using Emu4iOS without jailbreaking. Then we are not allowed to install any other emulator until and unless we remove the GBA4iOS emulator from our iPhone/iPad. You can try installing NDS4iOS on iPhone using Emu4iOS after deleting the GBA4iOS. To emulators at a time cannot be installed, though.

Download/Install Emu4iOS for iOS 9/9.2 Without Jailbreak | Install Emu4iOS on iOS 10.2/10.1.1/9.3.3/9.3.4/9.3.5

Jailbreaking is not needed to install the Emu4 iOS on your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone. Make sure that you are connected to better internet connection while downloading the emulator. Of course, you cannot jailbreak your iOS device nowadays as Apple won’t allow you do so.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device.
  2. Go to General in Settings Menu.
  3. Click on Date and Time Settings.
  4. Uncheck the Date and Time for Automatic.
  5. Edit the Date and Time Manually.
  6. Change the year to 2012.
  7. Close Settings Menu on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  8. Open Safari Web Browser on your iOS device.
  9. Visit https://emu4ios.net/ and look around to download Emu4iOS for iOS 9/9.2/9.3.3/9.3.4/9.3.5 or iOS 10.2/10.1.1.
  10. Start Installing the emulator on your iDevice.
  11. Click on Get button to Install Emu4iOS on iPhone 7s/6s Plus/5s/4s/iPad/iPod Touch.download Emu4iOS for iOS 10.2
  12. Click on Install button to Install Emu4iOS on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.Install Emu4iOS on iPhone 6s plus
  13. That will install the emulator on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.
  14. Follow onscreen instructions to install the emulator on your device.
  15. Finish the installation process as soon as possible for you.
  16. If you can see any pop up saying “Unable to Download App.” Change the Time and date on your iDevice.
  17. After installation, Open the emulator on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  18. Go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and Click on Trust if any popup says it’s from a untrusted developer.
  19. Start Installing the Emulators and utilize them.

Those are the simple steps to Install Emu4iOS on iOS 10.2/9.3.3/9.3.4/9.3.5 and iOS 9.2/9.1. There are chances that your device may not be able to install the emulator on your device. In such cases, a Complete Guide to Fix Emu4iOS on iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone. Thank You.

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