How to Make WhatsApp Renewal For Life Time -Do it For Free

Hi guys How To Do WhatsApp Renewal for Life Time is the latest topic in mintoment, after my recent article Download Instagram for Windows 8.1 . We all are using whatsapp since many days or months. You know what ? Everything in the world has expiry date. Everything in the universe will come to and end one day. Like wise, whatsapp too has the expiry date.

Many of you have coming near to the expiry date. Do not worry, i will let you know how to do whatsapp renewal for life time. You may wonder if i say “i can renewal whatsapp free for life time”.

If you want to renewal whatsapp for free, just follow my instructions that i wrote in this article. If you get any doubt while doing the process you can pose your queries in the comments below. Our authors will clarify your doubts.

Using whatsapp messenger we can send text messages to friends and family. You can send photo and videos in no time. I must say that, this is the fastest messaging app comparing to any other leading messaging apps. WhatsApp is has very high fan base all over the world. installations are increasing day to day as it is having amazing features. You know what? many phones are giving whatsapp messenger as the built-in-app. You may miss all these features if you do not renewal whatsapp for life time. Do not worry, i am here to help you do so.

how to make whatsapp renewal free for life time


After reading this article i am sure you will be able to renewal whatsapp for free. Let’s make it possible by following my guidelines. All you have to do is, just follow the step wise procedure to extend whatsapp for life time.

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How to Do WhatsApp Renewal for Life Time & Make WhatsApp Free for Life Time :

There are methods to do whatsapp renewal and make whatsapp free for life time. Some of the available methods are not working properly. So, i have tried all the available methods and filtered out the best methods to renewal whatsapp free for lifetime. So, Personally i am recommending you the best available methods with bunch of guidelines. One thing i forgot to mention that is, you have to pay 0.99 USD per year if you do not do whatsapp renewal.

Requirements to Make WhatsApp Free for Life Time :

  • Android Device – Be it a mobile phone or tablet.
  • WhatsApp must be installed in the android device or mobile.

Make WhatsApp Renewal Free for Life Time :

I am putting my efforts in this article to help you not pay 0.99 USD to WhatsApp. So, Please follow my instructions.

Method 1 : To Do WhatsApp Renewal

  • Make sure you are connected to internet before doing the process
  • Open your WhatsApp account in android phone. Locate and navigate to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.
  • Now you should enter your Mobile Number and hit on the button Delete My Account.
  • You just have deleted your WhatsApp Account and you are no more in the WhatsApp world. You will loose all your data. Make sure to store all your important information and Backup WhatsApp Messages using WhatsApp Pocket.
  • Now Enter your mobile number to Create WhatsApp account as you did earlier.
  • After creating the new account in WhatsApp, just checkout the expiry date of newly installed WhatsApp account. You will see that the expiry date of your whatsapp is extended.

Method 2 : To Do WhatsApp Renewal free

  • After completion of your trail period. Just un-install the WhatsApp.
  • Now, go to Gmail to create a new gmail id.
  • After creating a new gmail id, you have to go to google play store.
  • Go to settings located on the right corner of the window.
  • Go to account settings.
  • Change the gmail id there with newly created one.
  • Download the whatsapp messenger from google play again.
  • Now open the whatsapp and sign in again with new gmail id.
  • You need to do the same process every year.

That’s it guys, these are the solutions for the question how to make whatsapp renewal for life time. I hope you enjoy reading this article. Let me know your comments below.

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