How to Speed Up Android Phone Performance Without Rooting

All SmartPhones and Computers work effectively in the starting days of their purchase. But, after somedays of usage they slow down gradually.

Have you ever worried why your smartphone’s performance is decreasing day by day? I think it’s because of the not proper maintenance of your SmartPhone. Do you agree with what i say? Do you want to know how to speed up android phone without rooting?. Read this entire article, I am sure you will come to know what things your have to change to get the better performance out from your SmartPhone. Be it an Android phone, Apple iPhone or Windows Phone.

how to speed up android phone performance without rooting


What you need to do is, you have to cross check your SmartPhone daily or weekly or at least monthly once to get better speed and performance.

Do You know how to speed up android phone ? Follow my tips, at the end you will be able to know the things.

Don’t worry if you don’t know to speed up your android phone, in this tutorial i am going to share the tips to the best of my knowledge. Just you need to follow the simple steps i have written below and make your android phone faster and get better performance without rooting.

How to Speed Up Android Phone’s Speed & Performance :

Here is the list of things to follow to get much better speed and performance from your android smartphone. I am suggesting you to follow all these listed steps. Personally I have used all these techniques to speed up my SmartPhone.

So, Let’s get in to the tutorial.

#1. Turn-Off Mobile Data Connectivity:

There are so many web apps that use internet all the time like Gmail, Facebook and What’sApp. So they always try to connect to the internet and sends us the notifications. So that causes the decrease in battery life of your smartphone, and its performance. So better turn off your mobile data connection in order to save battery power and for better & faster performance.

To Turn-OFF mobile data connection, just go to data usage under settings option and simply turn if off.

Now, you have completed 1 important step, So let’s move on to the next one.

#2. Uninstall Un-necessary Apps:


Apps for smartphones makes phones much better and smarter. But wait, too many apps can slow down your smartphone. We use many apps and games simultaneously in our day to day life which makes our life more easy. Some of the apps causes the drainage of your battery and its life period. So first, know which apps are must for your smartphone. Then uninstall all the apps which are not in use for some time of the past.

Also i suggest you one thing that, please don’t install the apps having high at memory size in low ram speed mobiles. If you do that i am sure your mobile will slow down gradually.

To Un-install Apps:

Go to manage applications option, under settings. Then select any android app that you want to uninstall from your phone and click un-install.

Then a pop-up window will appear on your screen saying do you really want to uninstall this app?

Click on Yes/OK . Then the app will be uninstalled successfully.

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#3. Clean Up the Cache Memory (CPU Memory) of Apps:How to Speed Up Android Phone Performance cache clearing

Do you know all the apps store the data in their cache memory or so called CPU Memory? I think many of you don’t know. Actually it stores the data and recalls it whenever it is needed and which slows down your android mobile or tablet. Because of this your phone’s internal memory also gets frozen and reduced.

You can manually repair this and reset the cache by clearing the app cache memory in every app settings menu. So clear it now and make your mobile faster and work better.

#4. Remove Useless Widgets:

External app launchers can create too many shortcuts in your android devices. So please don’t use them. if you are using now, please uninstall or remove them immediately otherwise it will cause your devices works very slow. Removing those kind of widgets can boost your mobile performance and its speed.

Also widgets eats your memory and drains your battery too. So better remove them for the premium performance.

#5. Adjust the Brightness of Your Android Device:

How to Speed Up Android Phone Performance with brightness


Using devices with hight brightness not only reduces your battery but also its performance gradually. So to use it effectively try to adjust your brightness according to time. And for Samsung S5 users, there will be an option called ultra power saving mode. So make it on and get best performance from your android phone.

And I would personally request you to use “automatic brightness” option with respect to your timely changing sunlight.

Here We Go With Video Tutorial:

I hope you like this article, Let me know your comments below.

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