How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline (Without Internet)

Watch YouTube Videos Offline now; Watch YouTube Videos Offline Now Main title At an event  “Android One”, last year GOOGLE has announced the idea of watching YouTube videos offline would come true. So, now on, we can watch YouTube videos Offline.Very good news came for us, that GOOGLE has announced the offline video watching feature for YouTube,and That Feature is only available in India, Indonesia and Philippines.These people watch videos much greater than any other, coming to the stats of India, only Indians watch 5 billion videos per month.

Now, people can watch their favorite videos whenever  they want to watch, may be while travelling in bus,car or auto. People can choose to add a video for offline viewing by clicking the watch offline icon under the video frame.

Now a days, One of the biggest problems is Increased charges of Mobile Data. Yes, Mobile DATA charges are wearing a devil mask. When it comes to mobile Internet, data usage is unknowing, and after some time we would realize that we were gone through the additional Data charges from the main account balance. Especially for playing videos, and videos run out the Internet balance very fast. Now YouTube has come up with a great cure. The major advantage over this watch for offline feature is, we can save lots of mobile data without running out of it.

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How to use the option provided and  Watch YouTube Videos Offline (Steps):

  • While you are watching videos in YouTube, make sure a download prompt will appear above the subscribe button.
  • You can choose to download the videos either in standard definition or High Definition
  • File sizes are shown to make sure you have adequate space for your videos to store them in your device. After your video finished downloading, you can find the video in the Offline section of the YouTube app.Watch Youtube videos offline full image

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