Wifi Speed Increment – 7 Easy Ways to Increase Wifi Speed.

Now days, internet usage is increasing rapidly. Yeah, who don’t want internet when one knows the uses of internet. You may have a wireless connection or wired connection at your home. You pay money for every month. That’s ok till now. Now the problem is, if the speed of internet is slow. A slow wireless connection makes you frustrated. Because, you are paying money, there is nothing wrong in feeling frustrated. Right? Have you ever tried to know the reason behind decreasing the speed of your wireless connection? Ok. Many factors affect the speed of wi-fi connection. Here, I give you tutorial on “How to increase Wifi speed”. I tell you 7 important tricks that help you to increase Wifi speed.Increase wifi speed you are using

7 Ways to Increase Wifi Speed :

Shifting the Position of Router:

icrease wifi speed by changing router position

The position of the router plays a vital role in speed and strength of your Wifi speed. If you are having any trouble in Wifi speed, try to change the position of the router. It’s better to fix it in a position where wireless network can reach the router without breaking. If the router is located at outside walls, try to shift it to the middile of your home. This way you can increase Wifi speed.

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Buy a Wireless Signal Repeater:

Signal repeater helps a lot in increasing Wifi speed. The main function of this signal repeater is, it gives strength to your signal without adding any additional wires. You try to place it between the router and your wireless device. It gives boosting to your signal in reaching to the device from router that means you will see increase in Wifi speed.

Set up a New Antenna:

replacing antenna makes changes in wifi speed

Most of the wireless routers come with an all-directional standard antenna that means it distribute the signal in a circular radius. It tries to reach all parts of your home. If your router is located at the center of your home, that is better. Because, it broadcasts the signal in circular manner. If your Wifi speed is not increased, even you place it correctly. The problem is definitely with the antenna. Therefore, you must think of replacing the antenna. You replace the weaker antenna with stronger antenna. This stronger antenna or high gain antenna helps in increasing strength of the wireless connection. Therefore, Wifi speed is also increased. One more benefit of this high gain antenna is, it serves the signal in the direction you prefer.

Do not use different brands of equipment:

Do you know? Using different brands of equipment can reduce the Wi-fi speed. Yes, it is true. Different brand manufacturers install different enhancements in their products. These helps to boos the Wi-fi speed but, all the products should be manufactured by the same brand. You must try it, if you are using different brands of equipment for your wireless connection.

Keep your wireless safe and secure:

Try to keep your wireless connection safe and secure. Your neighbors may use your Wi-fi, if you do not protect your wireless connection with passwords and encryption. If you don’t do it, others use your internet and you will see decreasing in the speed of internet automatically. Know how to secure wireless connections and increase wifi-speed.

Cut down frequency disturbance:

Telephones and TV’s run at the same frequency as routers. Therefore, this may cause to the interference of the wireless signal from the router to device. To avoid this interference, you check the frequencies of both the router and electronic devices. If they are operating at the same frequency, try to change it. Change in frequency avoids interferences.

Update the expired drivers and check regularly:

Updating the expired drivers also effect the Wifi speed. Updates usually does to improve the performance of equipment and fix issues. It improves wireless connection signal. You can download and update these outdated drivers from the manufacturer’s official website. Check for updates regularly and keep them up to date.

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Try any one of the trick or use multiple of options. I am sure, this gonna be work. Thank you for reading this article. If you feel it helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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