How to Make FaceBook Profile Picture Private (Unclickable)

Many of us are having facebook accounts and every of them wants to connect with their friends. FaceBook is the leading social networking website that makes you connect with your friends, buddies, family members. If someone wants to describe about facebook, there are lot many things to explain like status updates, sharing the memories, pics and videos and one more important thing is promoting the business and their blogs. To do all those things, we need to have created the facebook account first. Let it the case you have created your facebook account.

Many of the people set their own picture for the fb profile picture, may be for getting recognition from people, or share their joy, some of the people do it for fb likes and comments only. one of the case similar to above explained is some people does not want to set their own pic, instead they will keep other images like flowers, hero pics, heroine pics etc, reasons may be different. The Most prominent case is setting the own pic for the fb profile picture and making it unclickable and undonwloadable. Many of the women and girls do that, because not to encourage their privacy is taken by public. so today I am going to share this wonderful trick with my readers and make their privacy to the next level.

In this tutorial i will guide you how to make your fb profile picture private and unclickable.

What is Privacy Protected Facebook Profile Picture?

Want to make facebook profile picture private ?. first know what is it all about. If you click on someone’s profile picture, it will respond and shows you a larger image with tags, likes and shares and comments too. You can like, comment and share that picture, also you can download it to your hard drive. that is called clickable facebook profile picture.

make facebook profile picture private first pageIf you can check one other fb profiles, there will be a original pic their own and once you click on it, that will not respond like previous case as i explained earlier. It will not show tags, like button and comment field too. And one cannot see a larger image of that profile picture, instead they can only see a thumbnail sized picture of that profile, and that is not downloadable too. So that is call unclickable or privacy protected facebook profile picture.

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How to Make FaceBook Profile Picture Private (Unclickable) :

Follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Login to your facebook account and go to your profile page.

STEP 2: Click on your profile picture, it will be opened in larger size with options like,comment,share and download and some other options.

How to Make FaceBook Profile Picture Private


STEP 3: Now, Click on Edit and Change that default settings “Public” to “Only Me” and Click on “Done Editing” to save the changes.

How to Make FaceBook Profile Picture Private picNow your facebook profile picture is privacy protected and it is unclickable now, One cannot see the source image or original image in larger size except you. Only Thumbnail of your profile pic is visible to everybody else.

If you want your friends to see your pic, then you can select “My Friends” option in step 3 instead of “Only ME”.

Now, make facebook profile picture private and live fearless.

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