OnePlus Launches Oxygen OS – The New & Custom Version of Android

The most wanted and most using mobile operating system is android for its easy usability, also it is compatible to almost all the smartphones now a days. Android has wide range of versions and updates, like android jelly bean, kit kat. Like wise there is one more version that is Lollipop. Yes, Here we go into the matter that one plus launches Oxygen OS of android, and it is the custom version of android lollipop. And the Smart Phone make One Plus Launched Oxygen OS. OnePlus team previously said to launch the Oxygen OS, and now they launched it successfully after split out from partner cyanogen. Lets look into the Oxygen OS.

oxygen os free android version

Why Oxygen OS ? and What is the Special in it ?

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OnePlus team are at their extreme happyness, because the launch is successful. And are getting very great response from people around the globe. There are lot many things new and interesting in the OxygenOS, which is the custom version of Android Lollipop. They said earlier that the battery life and the user interface must be considered to improve it to the next level, they are now almost successful with their work.

Visit Official OnePlus Website for the OxygenOS

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The custom Android based ROM has a good & bumpy journey. Originally started out as an split plan from CyanogenMod, has been built up, despite numerous schedules and delays, into what is now a functioning Android 5.0.2 Lollipop build, completed with a set of custom features and specifications, carefully selected by the OnePlus Community.

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