Download WeChat for PC Laptop Windows 8/8.1/7 – Install WeChat on PC

Wechat is one of the best messaging app in recent times. This is a powerful mobile communicating tool. I think everyone knows it. The main features of this app are Video chat, Group chat, Voice call, Video call. Stickers feature is also available including some advanced stickers. This app is available on all mobile phone platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry Windows and symbian. However, wechat is not available on laptop/pc software. Then the question rises is How to Wechat for PC|Windows wechat for pc windows 8

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Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 7/8/8.1- Install WhatsApp on PC (Updated)

Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 8/7/8.1 is today’s topic. I think everyone knows about whatsapp. WhatsApp is the leading messaging app. You can text, send voice messages and media files. You can chat in more fascinating way using WhatsApp smileys and emotions. In this article i will let you know how to download WhatsApp for PC, Windows 8/7 and windows 8.1 PC/Laptop/ whatsapp for pc free for windows 8

Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 8/8.1/7 PC/Laptop & Mac :

As you know WhatsApp is not released officially for PC, But you can use it using some intercessor softwares. There are various methods to install WhatsApp on PC but here I tell you about the method which is working properly. [Read more…]

Change FaceBook Theme – Know How to Change FaceBook Theme/Colour/Appearance

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I think you don’t need any descripton about facebook. Facebook is the trending social networking site on internet. It connects the people across the world. In facebook there are so many features. You can chat, share pictures and make video calling to your friends. You can follow the celebrities and the brands and know about them. May be it is popular but it has a defect, the theme. Many don’t know how to change facebook theme.

Some users may not like this or feel bore and more over users are not allowed to change the theme. So whatever users have to continue with the blue theme only. [Read more…]

Undeletable Folders – Create Undeletable and Unrenamable Folders in Windows

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Every one knows how to create folders and rename them. But Have you ever tried to create undeletable folders in your computer.

So, How many of you know that every programming language consists of some reserved words those can not be used as variable names. Windows also have some keywords. For example (lpt1, lpt2, lpt3, lpt4, lpt5, lpt6, lpt7, lpt8 and lpt9).

You can check these keywords. To test them create a new folder and try to name it with any of the word mentioned above. The result is “You can not create with these words”.  [Read more…]

Bootable USB- How to create Bootable USB Drives to Install any Operating system

Now a day’s use of flash drives is increasing with the advent of Ultra-portable laptops. And the use of optical drives (CD, DVD) is decreasing because some ultra-portable laptops are not being facilitated with the optical drive hardware, for such users the only option is to use flash drives to install the operating system. Also flash drives are being used for its faster speeds, so some people may prefer using flash drives instead of using optical drives though their laptops or pc’s are being facilitated with optical drive hardware. One more major advantage is, we can use flash drive to start any pc or laptop without installing the operating system by just plugging in our device (Flash drive). Here i will explain you on the topic of How to create Bootable USB by using Rufus. [Read more…]