Spartan Browser for Windows 10 News – Microsoft Unveils Latest Browser for Windows 10

Microsoft recently released Windows 10 preview version for reviews. It has a very good response, So, Microsoft decided to launch the full version into the market very soon. Microsoft is making every change to Windows 10 operating system to get good response from the users. After releasing, if you compare windows 10 operating system with the previous Operating systems you will see a major change. That is, you won’t find internet Explorer in Windows 10 Operating System. Microsoft decides, windows 10 need a new browser to replace Internet Explorer.

At Windows 10 event happened recently, Microsoft revealed, they are launching new browser for better experience to the users and the name is Spartan Browser. They added, “You will find some extraordinary and amazing features while using Spartan Browser for Windows 10”. The new features included in this are deep social integration, a reading mode and cortana voice assistance.

Special features in Spartan Browser for Windows 10:

Deep Social Integration:

Spartan Browser for Windows 10 social integration

One of the best features in the project Spartan Browser for Windows 10 is Deep Social Integration. This feature allows you to comment any webpage and share it directly from the browser. If you are using a screen touch computer, you can highlight a headline by drawing a circle around it. This is one of the best things in Spartan Browser for Windows 10.

You can add comment box and enter message will be easy for keyboard based devices. If you want to send these comments to your friends, you don’t need to open other tabs. A menu pops from the side and you can send from there.

Cortana Built-in to Spartan Browser for Windows 10:

Spartan Browser for Windows 10 assistant

Cortana is nothing but a personal assistant to keep you up to date on everything. This is available for windows phones. Now this feature is going to be launched in Windows 10 operating system for PC/Laptop. She’ll be available in Spartan Browser for Windows 10 too. This uses contextual information from the websites you visit.

Improved Reading:

Spartan Browser for Windows 10 improved readingUsing Spartan Browser for Windows 10 it will become easier to read article from the internet. Project Spartan reduces the page into easy. There is also reading list that is built-in. You can mark the article you want to share or read later. You can read then even if you are offline.

You know what; Windows 10 Operating System will be a free upgrade for one year.

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