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WhatsApp Group Games : Hi guys, welcome to my latest post on texting games to play with your boy/girl friend. And which is very popular now a days. WhatsApp does not require any introduction i think. You all may know about WhatsApp and it’s amazing features. We can chat endlessly with our friends and family if we have their number with us. It’s all about your interest how much you use whatsapp to text, send photos and videos. WhatsApp has some great qualities like multi-group chat, instant video messaging and much more.

whatsapp group texting games to play with friends funny, coo and best
WhatsApp Group Texting Games to Play with Friends

But for now, it’s not about WhatsApp for PC, How it Works or how to install it on pc. This article is completely about Texting games to play with your crush through WhatsApp group games. I hope you are aware of creating groups in WhatsApp and chatting with your friends through that group. It may feel so good in starting, after some time you may get bored and it’s quite common too. Unlike if you choose a best group name, you will definitely feel refreshed when you see the group name in whatsapp. Ultimately it depends on group names also. So, be sure while you select best whatsapp group names.

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I have written a post long back on WhatsApp group names/messages/Best Dp and Cool Profile Pictures. So, now it’s your turn to select the best WhatsApp Group name. And Best one from Cool Profile Pictures. Coming to the main topic, have you ever tried WhatsApp Group Texting Games?. No problem if the answer is yes or no. In this article i will be dealing with WhatsApp Group Games and nothing but WhatsApp Group Texting Games.

It’s quite possible to be crazy while chatting with your friends in whatsapp. To have that crazy play, there are some whatsapp group texting games. Which let’s you play cool, funny, exciting texting games. You can play those kind of texting games with your crush/boy friend/girl friend or with a boy/girl you like. So, are you ready to play WhatsApp Group Texting Games now?. If yes, then follow my lines.

To avail some entertainment to our viewers, i have decided to provide WhatsApp Group Texting Games to Play. In this article i am going to provide the best collection of texting games.

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Some WhatsApp Group Texting Games to Play :

1.Rhymes :

Rhymes are famous in our school days. We all still remember “Jhony Jhony Yes Papa, Eating Sugar No Papa !”. No worry, if some of you may not remember or does not know. To play this game, two people have to be there. One starts with “Jhony Jhony Yes Papa”, and the other one continues with “Eating Sugar No Papa”. Then First one resumes from the next line Telling Lies No Papa and other one completes with the line “Open Your Mouth HaHaHa !!”. Like wise you can play whatsapp texting games based on your interests and known rhymes based on your geo location. I feel more happy if you have understand the concept what i am talking of.

Texting games to play with rhymes is much better if both of the chatting persons can understand the concept and depth of the game. If not, you have to tell them and that doesn’t give you much pleasure. So be sure to start playing with the know rhymes. Be sure to extract the concept of texting games to play over messages via whatspp.

2.Word BreakDown :

This game is simply a great way to improve your analytical abilities along with IQ. Word breakdown is so simple to play and quite interesting. This game revolves around you and your opponent. Your opponent have to send one word and along with gives you a time limitation. So that you need to form as many words as you can from the given word within the given time. Meanwhile your opponent also checks out the word possibilities to drive from the give word. And if you meet the answer within time. You will be the winner and game continues like that. I am giving you an example to help you better understand about word breakdown texting games. Read below.

Example : If you have given a word “Performance” and sets a time limit to your opponent. Your opponent have to breakdown the word performance into as many words as possible within time. Meanwhile you cross check the words like “Man”,”Perform”,”Form”,”Ace” and so on. Like wise word breakdown games have to be played. Come on, let’s start playing with your boy/girl friend. This game is also played through groups, the one who sends the answer within time is the winner of the contest. So why late?. Let’s make it possible.

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3.Space Filling :

Space Filling WhatsApp Texting Game is very interesting play. This is like filling an empty box of word boxes. Let’s suppose you have a word “TREND”. There are 5 boxes filled with letters T,R,E,N,D. If those are not filled means they are obviously empty box right?. I will give you an example to better understand the space filling texting game concept. Suppose you have sent _ R_ _ _ to your boy/girl friend. and you set up some maximum time and minimum number of guesses to complete the puzzle. Your boy/girl friend need to reply with a letter filling the empty box and he/she should be completed filling within the given time and guesses. Imagine if your girl/boy friend sends TR_ _ _ , first, you would probably say Yes ! This is a nice guess and 3 Guesses are remaining. If he/she replies with a wrong word filling combination like _R_ _ S. You would probably say No and remaining guesses. Like wise you should play the game. Enjoy !!. Read blow for more funny texting games to play over text.

4.Play with Quotations :

Quotes in our real life plays a great role by inspiring us in all the respective aspects. They are like boosting up agents for anything. There are many famous quotes written by great people like “Swamy Vivekananda”, “Mahatma Gandhi”, “Abraham Lincoln”,”Veera Brahmayya Swamy”. Many of the quotes written bye them are inspiring and often path showing guides. Ok, now let’s jump into the concept of texting games to play with quotes. Let’s suppose You sent Arise!Awake!And Stop not Until the Goal is Reached. Then your opponent would reply with the answer “Swamy Vivekananda”. Then he/she will be the winner and the game continues vice versa. You can even play in the reverse direction like you sent her/him “Swamy Vivekananda” and he/she would probably reply with any of his famous quotes. To do that you could have to be perfect with the quotes. So the game continues like anything.

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5.WhatsApp Texting Games To Play with Movies:

This is the most simplest game to play in whatsapp groups. Or you can even play man to man. You or your opponent will send the combination of hero and heroine or hero and director or hero and music director. For that question you have answer appropriately. Let’s imagine your friend send you “Leonardo DiCaprio and James and James Cameron”. You would probably send the movie name “Titanic”. or You send your friend “Jr NTR & SS Thaman”, your friend should answer the any one movie at least from their combination. I hope you understood the concept now. Like wise WhatsApp Group Texting Games to Play with movies continues.

6.WhatsApp Group Texting Games To Play with Songs :

Playing with songs in whatsapp groups is so funny and crazy as well. Very simple game as playing with movies in the aforesaid case. All you need to do is, sending a text with song lyrics and your friend would probably answer the movie name. Or if you choose the game to be played in accordance with the music director of the film. Let’s suppose you have sent a line of lyrics from your favourite song like “Maar damki.. Char dinki.. Jindagini PANDAGA CHESKO”. Your friend needs to answer the movie name “RAMAYYA VASTAVAYYA (Telugu)”. So like wise the game continues. It’s so much fun playing with songs. Believe me, it will be more interesting if you record the lyrics that you sing and send it. So try to play whatsapp texting games with songs.

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7.Texting Games with Story Formation :

Story formation is a kind of fun making process. You people can form/create your own story keep on texting each other. Meanwhile you would have lot more fun. Let’s suppose you have started telling story to your friend, with a line “Once Upon a Time”. Then he/she would probably reply with “There lived two young people”. Then you would probably send names of those two people based on your taste and imaginations. It’s so much fun right? Yes, it is. The story may end up at any situation. This texting game not only gives fun but a message. You can extract a message at the end without knowing or willing. Will have more fun if you could play this game in a whatsapp group. Because someone tells something and another one tells something related or not related at least.

8.Play with Abbreviations :

It’s so easy to play with abbreviations in whatsapp group or at least directly. Let’s suppose you sent your friend “AA”. He or she could respond for “AA” and would probably give a reply with “Attendance Allowance”. And one more example is, “ISRO” is for “Indian Space Research Organisation”. Like wise you can play this game to have more fun and knowledgeable too. You can learn lot many abbreviations and it’s short forms. Get ready for more texting games to play.

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9.Live in Character :

Live in Character game is of so much fun involved than any other texting games. This game requires two people only. You two people first decide your roles of a movie like hero and friend of hero. Or hero and heroine. You must say dialogues according to your role in the movie. You should not distract from the conversation. If it happens, then you will be the looser. So be concentrated and focused while playing live in character texting games.

Example : Imagine a movie “ADHURS”. And the Characters are “NTR-Chari”, “Brahmanandam-BhattaChari”. You and your friend have to select each other a character. Let’s suppose you are “Brahmanandam-BhattaChari” and Your friend is “NTR-Chari”. You made a dialogue “Happy Friendship Day ra Chari”. And your friend must respond with the dialogue “NTR-Chari” speaks in the movie. So like wise the game continues till end of the movie. Be ready for more texting games to play.

10.Kiss,Marry,Kill :

This is the most thrilling game of all whatsapp group texting games. In this game 2 or more people required. First you have to send them a list with most famous people or people you both have known. Send 3 names to select one for kiss and one for marry and another for kill. This is pretty interesting to play a game like this. Then you will have to answer for the same question your friend asks.

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11.Name Game :

This is very much interesting to play with your friends. This game needs two people only. In which you have to send one name and other person must reply with a word starting with a letter that ends up with a previous word.

Example : You said “Chaitu”, and your friend need to send a name starting with a letter “U”. Be it “Uma”. That’s it, the game goes on and on like this way.

12.Guess Where am I :

This game is the most loved and famous game ever in whatsapp. You need to guess where the other person is there by taking chance from the clues given by the opposite person. In this game You must analyse the clues other person telling and you should guess where he is. Those are some WhatsApp Group Texting Games to Play with your loved ones. You can suggest me some more texting games to play through comments below.

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13.You can Even Make WhatsApp Group Games using Emoticons :

You can form an order using emoticons in whatsapp and send your friends to guess what is the meaning of that combination.

whatsapp group texting games to play with friends
Gaming with emoticons

Final Touch :

That’s it guys. This is how you can play WhatsApp Group Texting Games with your friends and family members. These games are totally of the authors choice. And those are some text based games that author wish to play. You can play group texting games in many ways. All you need to have is a good concept. So then you can start making fun with your friends. I hope you comment more cool, funny, crazy texting games to play.

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