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You might know about mobile notifications. If not, no problem i will let you know everything regarding mobile notifications in android mobile phone. Generally notification is the once which remind us to know the new incoming things like messages and missed calls. There are various types of notifications, like missed calls, new messages and WhatsApp notifications etc.

What are the Phone Notifications ?

After evolution of computer era, mobile phones are playing a very vital role everywhere in the world. With the use of mobile phones, people can contact with their parents, friends and their girl friends too. Sometimes we used to be busy without whatever work we have, and if we forgot to check out the new messages and calls. OfCourse, we cannot check them all the time without doing our work. At that time, the notifications play very major role in reminding us regarding the new messages and calls.

view android phone notifications tips

Frankly speaking; not only new messages and missed calls, notifications let you know Alarms, Calendar events, and ongoing processes like downloads. Whenever you get a new notification, it will be appearing in the notification shade area (AKA Status bar). It is very uncommon that we dismiss notifications sometimes, and later we realise the importance of that dismissed notification, and start worrying to find it from which app it is came up.

Are you in that category?, i am sure that every one will dismiss their notifications at any point of time and start worrying about it. So, now on don’t worry guys. This article will guide you completely on how to view android phone notifications dismissed by you.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

There is a way to view android phone notifications, i am sure it will help you to view dismissed android phone notifications. So, Lets follow the steps below.

This method is worked out to view notification history too.

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Note: This method works only on Android Mobile Phones with Jelly bean, Kitkat or Lollipop operating systems.

How to View Android Phone Notifications / Access Accidentally Dismissed Notifications :

  1. view android phone notifications main windowFirst, go to home screen of your android mobile phone and tap on the icon “All Apps” in the tray.
  2. Next, switch to widgets tab in the top and find the “Settings Shortcut”. Tap and then Hold it to fetch it, on to the home screen of your android mobile phone.
  3. Now, there are options to select. So, scroll down and choose “Notifications”.

view android phone notifications final pic


Now, you can tap on the icon you have placed on your home screen whenever you want to view android phone notifications, which are dismissed accidentally.

Finally, This is all about how to view android phone notifications dismissed accidentally.

Thank You for reading this article. Let me know your comments below.

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